Bosnia&Herzegovina, where East meets West

For all who love mountains we have something for everyone in Herzegovina.

Rocky terrains of the southern regions, magical forests at different heights, endless pastures and glacial valleys, rich flora and fauna and the largest number of endemic plants in this part of Europe.
You can see and experience all this if you join us on one of our tours on the mountain ranges of the Dinaric Alps that surround Mostar.
Prenj, Velež, Čvrsnica and Čabulja are waiting for you, to reveal all their secrets with our professional help.

Hiking the Dinaric Alps– is an unforgettable experience for every lover of nature and active lifestyle. Stretching southeastwards some 700km from the Slovenian border, the Dinaric Alps run the length of Croatia, through Bosnia&Herzegovina and into Albania, from where they continue as the Pindos Mountains into Greece. This mountains are the Dinaric extension of the Swiss Alps and dominate most of Herzegovina’s territory. Their steep western slopes present an almost impenetrable barrier towards the Adriatic sea (a factor which has contributed to the relative isolation of inland Bosnia&Herzegovina from the various ‘Mediterranean’ civilizations to have settled along the coast). Perhaps not surprisingly, their inhabitants have always been fiercely independent.
Herzegovina, as well as being a bastion of cultural heritage, preserves one of the most beautiful and unique eco-systems in all of Europe. It is here that the Mediterranean, Continental and Alpine climates clash, creating conditions for dozens of types of endemic flora and fauna. 

Hiking Čvrsnica – Hajdučka Vrata

Hiking Čvrsnica – Hajdučka vrata tour is an unforgettable experience for every lover of nature and active lifestyle. Stretching...
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Prenj Glacier Valley Hike

Prenj Glacier Valley Hike is a tour created for all nature lovers who want to get acquainted with the beauties of the most beautiful mountain of...
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Hiking the highest peaks of Prenj

Hiking the highest peaks of Prenj mountain is an amazing experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Widely considered one of Bosnia and...
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Mythical Mountain Velez Tour

Mythical Mountain Velez Tour is a fully guided scenic drive, off – road driving and hiking tour set in fantastic scenery high in the Velez...
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