Bosnia&Herzegovina, where East meets West

Following more than 10 years of work with our boutique family travel agency, and though we spent our whole lives traveling the Balkans and the world, we are still tirelessly exploring and still discovering the hidden gems of this beautiful country. Every time we discover a new miracle, we fall in love again with it, and we protect it even more. Rather than share it publicly, we jealously kept this adventure to ourselves and a small circle of friends and nature lovers for quite some time. Now, we are happy to offer you what we really love the most, and what we consider our greatest wealth – the wild and untouched beauty of Herzegovina.
We selected for you the best that Bosnia and Herzegovina has, and these are some of the wildest, most spectacular, and least visited rivers in Europe.
We will show you the most beautiful mountains, canyons and rivers with the purest water of beautiful green and turquoise color.
With us, you will see places where you will not meet other people, where you hear only your breath and thoughts, crickets, the sound of water and breeze, where you will smell the irresistible scent of aromatic Mediterranean herbs and pines.
We will take you to these hidden beauties that are right around the corner, and yet completely wild and almost untouched.
It is up to you to sense this call of the wild, invoke the primordial gene and indulge in our expert guidance in pushing your own boundaries and creating an unforgettable adventure.

Istup Canyon Adventure

Istup Canyon – The hidden pearl of the Mediterranean  Following more than 10 years of work with our small family travel agency, and though...
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Magical Canyon of Mostarska Bijela

Unique treasures of Herzegovina – Magical canyon “Bijela” The mythical mountain Prenj forms three rivers of the same name...
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The Blue Heart of Europe

Wild rivers of Herzegovina – the blue heart of Europe As journalist Arthur Nelsen said, “More is known about rivers in the Amazon than Europe’s...
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The emerald oasis of Herzegovina

The emerald oasis of Herzegovina – an adventure into the wild canyon of the most beautiful tributary of the Drezanka River The emerald...
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Hidden Canyons Of Drezanka Valley

Hidden Canyons of Drezanka Valley Tour Hidden Canyons Of Drezanka Valley Tour is an absolute contact with pure nature and an adventure you will...
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Hiking Čvrsnica – Hajdučka Vrata

Hiking Čvrsnica – Hajdučka vrata tour is an unforgettable experience for every lover of nature and active lifestyle. Stretching...
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Prenj Glacier Valley Hike

Prenj Glacier Valley Hike is a tour created for all nature lovers who want to get acquainted with the beauties of the most beautiful mountain of...
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Hiking the highest peaks of Prenj

Hiking the highest peaks of Prenj mountain is an amazing experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Widely considered one of Bosnia and...
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Mythical Mountain Velez Tour

Mythical Mountain Velez Tour is a fully guided scenic drive, off – road driving and hiking tour set in fantastic scenery high in the Velez...
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