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Via – Ferrata Mostar

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In the new season of 2022, we started with our packages to which we added new, carefully designed tours.
Herzeg Day Tours has expanded its array and created a brand new program called Via ferrata Mostar, that offers nature and adrenaline sports lovers many new tours and outdoor activities in beautiful locations in Mostar and the surrounding area.
We made sure that on all these tours you fully experience all the magic of Herzegovinian nature and Mediterranean climate, so that through each of them you learn something new from the rich historical heritage of our country and enjoy our adventures, new life experiences and pushing your own boundaries.

It is already widely known that Mostar, as the regional center of Herzegovina, in addition to its iconic symbols has a very rich and diverse concept for all lovers of nature, outdoor activities and active tourism.
Within a half hour drive from the city, on our beautiful mountains and impressive hills that surround the city of Mostar, you can try different hiking trails, many of which are secured by via ferrata.
For those less informed, via ferrata, translated from Italian, literally means an iron path, and it would actually be a secured hiking trail during which, with the technique of secured climbing with the help of equipment provided for this purpose, you overcome a certain vertical rock, ridge or simply height. Without this help it would be difficult or almost impossible to cross.
On each of our tours you get expert guidance from our professional guides, and even if you encounter this type of activity for the first time, all the necessary instructions on how to use the equipment properly and move safely on the secured path are provided (via ferrata).
In our package you can find different levels of difficulty via ferrata trails (grades range from A to D), among which are those for complete beginners and trails for those who want to try something new (A and B) to those which are for people who want extra doses of adrenaline and pushing their limits (grades C and D)

We are sure that everyone can find something for themselves from this offer via ferrata tours that we have prepared for you:

Via ferrata Mostar – Adrenaline park Fortica

Via ferrata Mostar at Fortica adrenalin park

This is a trademark of our via ferrata edition, and the tour is located in the city of Mostar, on the southern slopes of the magnificent mountain Velez, i.e. on the dominant hill Stolac in the adrenaline park Fortica, which offers the most beautiful view of the city.
Apart from the fact that many beginners will push their boundaries on this rock and enter the special world of ferratas, they will also have a unique experience on the 35-meter-long alpine bridge and photography of a beautiful panorama of Mostar in the background.
The via-ferrata itself is 80 meters long and is rated C, which means that with our help you will overcome an imposing vertical rock that will surely offer you adrenaline excitement and provide unforgettable views of this Mediterranean city of unique beauty.

Via ferrata Mostar on the vertical rocks of Stolac hill

One thing is for sure, it will not leave anyone indifferent and it will give everyone an unforgettable experience and fascinating photos that will be a memory of a lifetime.
The length of this round hiking – via ferrata tour is a little less than 2 kilometers, and the duration is about 2 hours.
The period for this particular trail is throughout the year when the weather conditions allow it, and on hot summer days the departures are early in the morning and late in the afternoon (before sunset). It is possible to organize special night tours with the help of headlamps.


via ferrata Mostar above the cityvia ferrata Mostar at Stolac hill

Note: for those who want a slightly easier version of the tour without climbing a high vertical rock, there is also option B. The adrenaline bridge can be reached by the “devil’s stairs” known to the people of Mostar, i.e. the narrow natural passage between the rocks, which has always been used as one of the ways to reach the top of the Stolac hill. Now this access is much easier because the path is secured with steel cables and the approach is very simple and safe.
After crossing the bridge and enjoying the most beautiful panoramic views of Mostar, the tour continues with a marked hiking trail on the rock where we get acquainted with many interesting things from history, geography, architecture, biology and many other aspects of life in this area.

Via ferrata Ilirski put – canyon Podružje Mostar 

This via ferrata is rated level B and is suitable for absolute beginners.
The tour is located in the Podruzje canyon hidden among the slopes of Orlac hill on the western slant of the Mostar valley. This via ferrata is part of a round hiking tour through the genuine wild, and until the construction of this secured trail was completed, completely impenetrable canyon of torrent type, meaning that water in stone pools and charming waterfalls on vertical rocks can be found only at certain times of year, especially after heavy rains. In the summer, due to the great Mostar heat, it dries up almost completely.

We are especially proud of the fact that the Herzeg Day Tours team participated in the construction of this secured track. We called it the Illyrian Way, but why – it is one of our little secrets that will not leave anyone indifferent.

This round tour is 3 kilometers long and the total duration is between 2.5 – 3 hours.
In the summer months, the recommended departures are earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Via ferrata canyons of Blagaj – Vulin potok 

Via ferrata through the canyon Vulin potok in Blagaj is a round hiking tour which includes a visit to the National Monument of the Herceg Stjepan Fortress, and is guided by the professional guidance of our local guides who will provide you with not only a wonderful balanced outdoor activity, but also a lots of new knowledge about the rich, but still unknown, hidden history of our country, the interesting flora and fauna of this unique part of the Mediterranean and the impressive geography of this area.
This tour is ideal as a first step into the world of ferrata for any beginner.

As on each of our via ferrata adventures, you will get a short course of using a secured hiking trail as well as top-notch protective equipment that will ensure your safety at all times, and that is, of course, always a priority for us.
This hiking tour starts from the Eco Village in Blagaj, using via ferrata, passes through the fascinating torrent canyon Vulin potok, after which we rest on the popular sports climbing site Rebro.
Thereafter we go to the famous fortress – the town of Herceg Stjepan Kosača, with an unforgettable view of the surroundings. With an easy and pleasant walk through the cypress forest, the authentic Herzegovinian landscape, we return to the picturesque Blagaj.

Along the way you can always find fragrant herbs and spices, hear interesting historical and first hand life stories from our expert guides and, of course, take beautiful photos that will remain an unforgettable memory of this unique adventure.

Super socializing, laughing and enjoying the natural beauty is a trademark of the Herzeg Day Tours team.

This via ferrata rated category B to C is adapted for beginners with a slight shift of personal boundaries on verticals. The length of this round hike is about 7 kilometers and the total duration is between 4 and 5 hours. It can be done all year round, but in the summer months the recommended departures are earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon.


NOTE: For more information check out our Facebook page  which we created exclusively for this outdoor adventure offer. Via Ferrata Mostar use brand new via ferrata equipment from branded and certified manufacturers.