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“Come, Enjoy, Pass It On BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 30 Unforgettable Destinations”

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The book, “Come, Enjoy, Pass It On BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 30 Unforgettable Destinations” is an interesting blend of a travel guide and a photo book. Currently, it is the most comprehensive and for many the most beautiful book about Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is confirmed by numerous recommendations of tourist workers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well by readers on Amazon portals.


The book describes 150 most interesting sites that can be visited in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The book is divided into 30 chapters, 2 of which are dedicated to the cities of Mostar and Sarajevo, and the remaining 28 to other areas throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the beginning of each chapter there is a map of that area, and a brief description of tourist attractions and activities. On the pages that follow, every single site/attraction is described in depth with a variety of photos and useful text information for visitors. Overall, the book contains descriptions of 33 city, 10 old towns, 22 rivers, 8 waterfalls, 10 lakes, 12 mountains, 17 outdoor activities, 40 tourist sites and destinations and 10 stecak necropoles. The book does neither contain advertising of companies, recommendations for hotels or restaurants, nor this is contain timetables of public transport.

This travel guide/photo book is an ideal source of necessary information for those who want to know more about the natural and cultural diversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, this book is an ideal gift for friends and business partners to whom you want to show the beauty that adorns this small country in the Balkans. Quality books are recognized by many readers on; this book has the best ratings and recommendations of all books related to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The book is published in Bosnian, English, Italian, German and Turkish.