Bosnia&Herzegovina, where East meets West

Experience the wild beauty of Herzegovina

When you visit Mostar on hot summer days, and temperatures here often rise to 45 degrees, there is no better choice than refreshing on one of our tours that we organize exclusively in summer.
We take you to places we call the “portal to another world”, to the authentic untouched wilderness of Herzegovina, to places that are impossible to find on Google Maps and were seen by only a few people.
These are locations where you will forget all your problems, at least for a moment leave everything behind and you will surely wonder if you are in Europe at all.
And yet, you will unquestionably feel all the charms of the Mediterranean, its intoxicating scents and incomparable beauty.

Herzegovina is a region of sun, stone and water, fascinating canyons and the last wild rivers of Europe. Your experienced local guides take you there in a particularly fun, relaxing but also educational way, and as on all our other tours you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about our culture, tradition, history, gastronomy and everyday life.

Experience the wild beauty of Herzegovina

It is these adventures that make Herzeg Day Tours special. All of them were carefully prepared for years, for true lovers and protectors of nature and for people with an active lifestyle.
During these summer adventures we will be next to water, on the water, under water, we will admire its unreal beauty, crystal purity and turquoise colors of the Mediterranean rocky terrain.
We will jump into natural stone pools with beautiful cliffs and rocks, swim in the narrow high parts of the canyon or simply indulge in meditation within these true oases of peace.

Although all these locations are located about half an hour’s drive from the city of Mostar, the hiking trails that lead to these hidden pearls are not marked on the Google maps; therefore it is a special experience.
Hiking and “freestyle canyoning”, swimming and jumping are activities that you will experience on these unique adventures, and do not require any extreme physical fitness or equipment. However, as your safety comes first to us, our guides are trained to make each of our “expeditions” into your complete pleasure. Basic protective equipment such as helmets and waterproof backpacks are provided, and nothing will further hinder you from enjoying the beautiful refreshing water and free natural movement. We only need to fulfill a few requirements to go on an expedition together.

Experience the wild beauty of Herzegovina
Do you love water and nature, are you completely healthy and ready for medium level of hiking, do you have sufficient adventurous spirit to visit places that not many people have seen before
you and do you trust us?
If the answers are yes, we are looking forward to seeing you.