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Adventure Travel Guide

Certificate of completion

Atta Travel Guide Training 

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Our CEO and team leader Ćamil Šahović achieved the Adventure Travel Guide course certificate provided by Adventure Travel Trade Association.

ATTA ( Adventure Travel Trade Association):
Being an Adventure Travel Guide is a fantastic job and a great challenge. Some people may be afraid of getting bored with their job. Well, this will not happen to you. As an Adventure Travel Guide, you will be an athlete, a diplomat, a teacher, a storyteller, a doctor, an environmentalist, an entertainer, all at the same time.
Adventure travel guides are central to the delivery of professional, responsible and memorable adventure travel experiences. The rapid growth in adventure travel in recent decades has led to an increase in demand for professional adventure travel guides and highlighted the need for an accessible, clear and universal adventure travel guide standard.

Adventure guides manage safety and risks and ensure the overall quality of participant’s experience while safeguarding both adventure travel company and destination reputations. Moreover, adventure travel guides have a critical role to play in delivering and educating about sustainability with focus on the climate emergency, biodiversity preservation, social impacts of global tourism and biosecurity issues.